A year of sewing

I am a fabric hoarder. I have a whole stash of fabrics purchased with good intentions to sew my own clothes that haven’t really gone much further. I also have a cupboard full of clothes that don’t fit properly but I can’t bear to part with because it would be so easy to modify them into something better. That thought is a far as it ever gets.

So when I read the wardrobe architect challenge at Coletterie I was inspired to get sewing this year. I’ll take the challenge but I am not committing to not buying anything new, and I am not going to sew basic tees and tanks or jeans, there is just not enough time in the day! There’s no way  I’ll be attempting to sew my own undies either.

I’ll be needing a few maternity things to get me through the last few months of my pregnancy, and when the bundle of joy arrives at the end of April I’ll be needing a wardrobe to see me through the post baby body changes. I foresee a lot of loose fitting tops in my future. And naturally I’ll be trying to get as much of this sewing done before the baby arrives…a tall order but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I’ll be pinning my inspiration pieces here and anything that actually gets made will be posted here on the blog or on instagram if I’m feeling lazy.