legoland, an expedition to malaysia

We had the good fortune of access to a car this weekend so promptly took ourselves off to Legoland, which is just across the bridge into Malaysia. Savvy travelers that we are we didn’t think to get any Malaysian currency before we left though which led to us being stranded in a tollgate immediately after clearing customs. With traffic backing up behind us the toll collector generously agreed to accept our Singapore dollars at an exchange rate of one to one, no change thank you. I’m sure you can see where this is going. We paid about three times what we should have and the toll collector got a nice little bonus on the side. We proceeded to Legoland where the collective family mood improved hugely upon entry.

lego petronas edit

Petronas towers made entirely from lego, somebody clearly has an awesome job.  I thought we’d get through the whole park AND the water park in a day but there was no chance, well I suppose we did have a two year old in tow, but we did hit the lego shop in a big way and also upgraded our tickets to an annual pass before heading back over the bridge to reality. We will definitely be back and I do plan to stay in the lego hotel, which may be the most epic hotel in the world, lego pirate or castle themed room anyone? You know you want to…







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